Comfort a sad man.

Comfort a sad man.

In Tijuana, a u.S.-Mexico border city, the rising evangelical workers, supported by All Wise Shine, are among those who continue to care about it, and are the tourists scattered across the streets.

Several times our former colleagues passed the photos and testimony to me, I can't wait to share them with your brothers and sisters, because in this group of people most unconcerned, there is often the most wonderful life story.

Of course by their experiences and how to be treated, often also can also see our own life scene, know to have more love and compassion, to contact this group of few people willing to approach.

During a recent visit, when a fellow worker went to hug a female street friend, the street friend told him, "She longed to be hugged, and it's been a long time, but no one on the road has ever been close to her."

A fellow worker who visits many times will see male street friends, usually always a cool look, not only unwilling to talk, not even give him sandwiches do not take. Fortunately this time he finally opened his mouth, and ate a sandwich. He said his heart had a wall, like a high wall on the U.S. -Mexico border. He had to lock himself up, because life was so traumatised that he didn't want to be hurt any more.

Another male street friend shared that the streets they stayed in day and night were actually like a jungle in his eyes. Often, on dark nights, when he didn't pay attention, someone ran over and grabbed all the things on him. Make him really nothing.

He felt like a little white rabbit in the jungle, bullying and bullying. Sometimes i am very helpless, want to cry out loud, but in order not to let others know his weakness, had to be strong … This time when a fellow worker gave him a dress, he covered his hat and sobbed.

Another street friend shared that he had been hit twice in a row by a car the other day, and the local police came over to see him but didn't call 911 for an ambulance, because the police said he was too busy. Then, with the help of others, a fire engine brought him to the hospital. This experience made him feel like a man who was worthless and not valued.

When the church goes out to serve, brothers and sisters often have a state of mind to do something to help people, but God often uses these people to help those who want to help them.

In the case of this car-hit street friend, he came to the United States with his family when he was 4 years old, but at the age of 20, for some reason, he was deported back to Mexico, and this year he is 32 years old. In other words, for the past 12 years, he has been left homeless on the streets of Tivana.

He warned a young man on the short-spread team this time, "Never be with the bad guys, let alone do bad things…. Coincidentally, the young man's father is worried about his own son's present situation! God is amazing.

After sharing the stories of some of Tevana's recent street friends, the evangelical workers in front of us finally wrote two words — all these people around us, which gave us the opportunity to serve them (We have all have these here here people in your backyard, we have had t His anopportunity to serve).

Dear brothers and sisters, you don't have to live in Southern California like I do, to care about Tivana in Mexico. But whether you are living in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Los Angeles, New York, London, or other large and small cities or areas of the world, in this seemingly bustling world, there must be many people in need of attention around your life.

Like many travellers who have lived on Thelvane Street for years, few people in the crowd pay attention to them, or even avoid them. Love your neighbor! Don't forget to extend your friendly hand to them, if you can, give them a hug, and some words of warmth and encouragement. Bless you.