Moments of comfort

Moments of comfort

At the time of the recent successive demonstrations and riots in Haiti, the time we had scheduled to return to the United States was delayed for many days, and the entire short-term team was trapped inside the orphanage, unable to even get out of the wall.

God always gives us intelligence in difficult situations, so we think about why we don't use these days to serve these children in the orphanage.

We shared prayers and pronouncements with them this evening. Teach them to be in different situations, such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt, loneliness, or inner desire, … , how to pray. And actually demonstrate it to them. After that they also have to practice their own.

The children of these orphanages are in great need of learning to pray for themselves. Although the orphanage has the care of people, but after all, the manpower is limited, children a lot of needs and the heart of the world, really can not be fully taken into account.

Especially the children who come here, long separated from their parents, or no parents at all, at a young age, there must be unspeakable loneliness and loss, and we can not understand the emotional world. If they learn to pray on their own, they can bring the ups and downs of the mood in their daily lives to the father, to relieve them, and to seek comfort.

Then our sisters, who prayed for some of the children in need, encouraged them from the eyes of God, and comforted them with the words of the Bible. This is also the best time to embrace them tightly. These children need to be touched and hugged too much.

We expect that in these countries of God, the young and dusty baby, can be slowly wiped clean. Their talent, confidence, and Rongmei gradually developed. After constant use of love, acceptance, and affirmation of watering, their lives will eventually grow into a big tree, shining in the world. Let us bless them.
Isaiah 61:1-"The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, for the Lord has anointed me, that I have preached good information to the humble, and sent me to heal the sad.""